Blockchains LLC — the Most Anticipated Announcement in Crypto History

4 min readOct 30, 2018
Blockchains LLC HQ — Sparks, NV

Happy 10th birthday Bitcoin, here is your mysterious gift:

The enigmatic and hyped blockchain-focused institution Blockchains LLC will soon be making waves as their launch approaches. Nearly nothing is known about them, but their inscrutable game-plan has been intriguing blockchain and cryptoasset enthusiasts as of late. It was announced that back in 2017, Blockchains LLC had acquired 69,000 acres of land in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial (TRI) Center in northern Nevada “for the purpose of building a better way,” according to their website — whatever that means. To put this in perspective, however, this is more land than the entire country of New Zealand.

So why buy all that land?

Gossip has surrounded Blockchains LLC and Elon Musk. Are they collaborating to build a giant Tesla Smart City based on blockchain tech? There are numerous ties between the two that has allowed such speculation to proliferate. For one, we know that Tesla decided to locate its $5 billion Gigafactory 1 as a neighbor to Blockchains, LLC at the TRI Center. On a side note, Google and many other tech giants have plans to build data centers in the area.

Additionally, Blockchains LLC CEO Jeffrey Berns shared center stage with Elon Musk in Nevada Governor’s Tech Summit. Berns was very optimistic about Blockchains LLC, envisioning its future as he stated “Imagine a world where people can collaborate from anywhere they are, establish rules for their collaboration, exchange value, and have it all enforced by blockchain — not by a government, not by a bank, but by code that’s guaranteed to do what it’s supposed to do. The stuff that is being developed right now is going to change every facet of our life — how we work, how we play, and how we live.”

To add further speculation on a blockchain-based Tesla town, we know that Elon Musk has had plans to create entire futuristic cleantech cities that are completely sustainable. They would include industrial hubs to focus on matters that help solve critical societal challenges and robots utilized for cost-effective delivery applications and testers for Tesla and SpaceX.

Also, does Elon like crypto?


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