A Guide to Accumulating Crypto for FREE in 2021

10 min readJan 8, 2021
Bitcoin has appreciated 1270% since its cycle lows in December 2018. The time to accumulate BTC is now but what better way to accumulate than by getting it for FREE?

We’ve entered 2021, and the crypto market is in a full blown bull market. Are you new to crypto and think you’ve missed the boat? You haven’t. You’re a part of the early majority. There’s still plenty of bull run to go in 2021 and one way to optimize your exposure to crypto is by getting it for FREE. Crypto companies and platforms are fighting for market share and brand loyalty of retail investors because they know a huge surge of investors is coming in 2021. Because of this competition, there are many opportunities to get free bitcoin and crypto just by using platforms. You could earn five figures in free crypto just for using various platforms — yes double-digit thousands!

Below is an overview of each platform and how you can get $410+ for free.


Coinbase is the top US-regulated exchange and perhaps the most popular in the world. Founded in 2012, Coinbase has never been hacked and all cryptos it holds in its online hot wallet is insured. If you don’t have a Coinbase account already, you can earn $10 in free BTC just by signing up via an invite link like ours here when you first buy or sell $100 worth of crypto: https://www.coinbase.com/join/rompor_7. If you’ve already opened a Coinbase account, there are additional rewards you can get! Coinbase offers an educational series of videos you can watch to earn various crypto assets on their platform. Called Coinbase Earn, the tasks you are asked to perform to get your rewards include watching short videos explaining what each crypto is about and completing a multiple choice quiz at the end of the video. Currently, you can earn $9 in COMP, $3 in GRT, $6 in CGLD, $3 in NU, $3 in FORTH and $10 in XLM. Keep an eye out for these as new opportunities arise every month or so and there are only limited amounts of crypto they give out so jump on these as soon as you see them!


Celsius is the leading US-regulated lending and borrowing platform that rewards you in interest for depositing crypto assets on its mobile app. It lends to institutions on a large scale and to retail investors on a smaller scale. Additionally, all…




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